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The golf school run by top golf coach Paul Dyer is called "The Leadbetter Golf Academy". Dyer, who has written three DVDs and two books, was also head of Leadbetter Schools in Europe for over 20 years. Then the time came to take a new direction.

"As a coach, I've always been about not just watching my students on the course frequently, but actually working on skills that are a real asset on the course."

The motto is no swing style changes, and the term "swing change" is actually forbidden. "It's a fairy tale unfortunately," says Dyer, "our brains don't learn movement like a computer, it always has to be associated with an outcome or competence". Playing better golf always means something different. In the concept of the Leadbetter Golf Academy, the training goals are set individually. "Maybe for you, it's just about improving a certain stroke, or maybe it's about improving your handicap". If you want to become better, you basically need competencies that you don't have at the moment. You have to develop these in order to be better at something. The modern golfer has had his share of lessons by now, says Dyer. "No one believes any more that you will really get much better if you just angle more or turn your shoulder. We all have limited practice time per week. I need to do something meaningful and measurable with time to get better in a certain game situation".

The Leadbetter Golf Academy is based in Timmendorfer Strand, where Dyer has been Head Pro for 10 years. The 4 golf instructors follow a philosophy that is not only exciting, but down to earth. They go out on the course with you, identify your problems and create a programme to improve certain skills before going back on the course with you to implement them.

Dyer is still active at Leadbetter, as well as on the PGA's coaching team and lectures on tactics and strategy.



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