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Our golf instructors are all PGA members and train according to the philosophy (and under the direction) of PGA Master Professional Paul Dyer, who was named one of the top 75 international golf instructors by the American magazine "Golf Digest". Our golf instructors teach according to the latest knowledge, use the most modern technological learning aids and coach many top players themselves.

No swing change

The pros at the Leadbetter Golf Academy teach according to the latest findings in sports science. More precisely, "how we learn". Logically, all golf instructors would have studied exactly how the brain functions in motor learning and would work accordingly. This is not the case in golf and even today the usual golf lesson is a technical examination of the golf swing followed by technical advice on movement characteristics.  With us, the term "swing change" is actually forbidden. "It's a fairy tale unfortunately," says Dyer, "our brains don't learn movement like a computer, it always has to be associated with an outcome or competence".

Train in our school and experience for yourself how your golf game reaches a new dimension

Pros of the Leadbetter Golf Academy


PGA Master Professional

Paul became a golf pro at the age of 19 in Burnley, England. After two years of professional golf in Europe, his interest and attention was mainly focused on the technique of the golf swing. This resulted in him working for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, teaching golfers from rank beginners to Ryder Cup players. In 2020, Paul was named one of Golf Digest USA's Top 75 International Golf Teachers. Paul has written three books and released three DVDs.  He writes for numerous magazines and is a member of the PGA board and teaching team.


PGA Fully Qualified Professional

After studying law, Jessica Schönfelder decided to start a new training programme as a golf instructor with the PGA of Germany. As an amateur, she played at the Münster-Wilkinghege Golf Club. In a very short time, she has earned her single-digit handicap. Jessica is now a Leadbetter Instructor, PGA fully Qualified, DOSB C & B Trainer and Leadbetter Kids Certified


PGA Mitglied

Born in Lübeck, member of the PGA of Germany since 2016, DGV C trainer.

Daniel is Leadbetter Kids Certified and an expert in equipment and fitting.


PGA Mitglied

Stefan has been a golf professional and PGA member for 27 years. In 2019, he received the PGA Silver Badge of Honour. During his long career, he has gained a lot of experience in the areas of training and with the company Golf House.



Kirsten is the coach of the Bambini groups and is also responsible for course licence (Platzreife) training and examination. Contact Kirsten to get your first experience on the course.


Athletik Trainer und C/B -Trainer

Book the Golf Fitness Screening with Dirk. You will be assessed in over 20 parameters of evaluation and athleticism, and you will receive a comprehensive golf fitness programme.


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