• Am Golfplatz 3 • 23669 Timmendorfer Strand

Dear members,

Our Timmendorfer Strand Golf Club is not only one of the most modern clubs in Schleswig-Holstein, but also looks back on a very successful sporting history. We are the record runner-up behind Altenhof and have produced many outstanding golfers from our own youth over the 44 years.

However, golf has also changed a lot in that time. To continue to get kids playing golf, we need to do and invest much more than ever before. In order to meet this challenge, we are founding a sponsoring association at the Timmendorfer Strand Golf Club. The support association will deal exclusively with the promotion of children and young people in Timmendorfer Strand - and for this we need you, dear members.

The membership fee here is only 19 €. In addition, you can of course still donate money to the support association. The tax office has recognised the non-profit status so that donation receipts can be issued for membership. Furthermore, we still offer the gold membership. You would donate 250 € to sponsor a youth and bambini tournament. As a Gold Member of the support association, you receive a comprehensive package of benefits as well as the opportunity to attend our support association evenings.

You can become a member immediately with the enclosed form. We are grateful for any support and would be pleased if you would also support the youth work at the Golf Club Timmendorfer Strand with your personal or financial commitment.

We – and the children – look forward to seeing you there!

With kind regards

Paul Dyer (Head Pro and Youth Committee)

Andreas Graap (captain)

Enno Völkmann (Youth Warden)


The tasks of the support association

The main task of the support association is to financially support youth players in the golf club. The support association was created to finance school groups, school project weeks, holiday pass actions, internal and external competitions as well as material and initial equipment. With the youth work at the Timmendorfer Strand Golf Club, we would like to convey an interest in the fascinating sport of golf to children and young people through school campaigns. We would like to impart the following qualities to already existing members:

-      Fairness

-      Discipline

-      Concentration

-      A certain degree of ambition

-      Physical mobility (coordination)

-      Improving gross and fine motor skills

Networking in the support association: All Gold members meet 4 times a year to play golf together followed by a meal.

Feel free to contact us!



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