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In our opinion, it should actually work as follows:

  • You will not only be observed on the range, but also on the course, where the golf instructor will see your real mistakes
  • You also do some movement tests to see how you can find "your swing".
  • All people have different limitations and vulnerabilities that determine the swing
  • The golf school has all the modern equipment for the various analyses
  • The description of the problems and causes is logical and not complicated
  • The exercises and corrections are easy to understand and repeat
  • Practice involves different positions/playing situations so that you learn how to implement the corrections on the course as well.
  • You take home a video with a summary of the lesson

Courses for beginners

Taster course

All the basics and the techniques of the short and long game are explained in this intensive course. So you will also learn basic rules, gameplay and advice on etiquette, equipment and much more. A putting tournament will be held at the end. The perfect introduction!

Equipment and balls are included.

Every Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.

29,00 € per person

Registration is requested!  04503 70 44 00

Course for beginners

Beginners benefit from the service and performance of the Leadbetter Golf Academy. For example, you don't have to worry about equipment, it's available to you free of charge. Balls and course fees are included in the course fee.

Our Academy Shop also has everything you need to get started, just ask our experts! Golf licence (Platzreife) The DGV course licence in individual lessons! Plan the seven hours of lessons as and when you have time. They follow exactly the standard course in theory and practice – but with the personal attention of the golf instructor. The examination according to DGV guidelines is also included in the course. Practice balls, all course fees and course materials are included.

449.00 € for one person plus 100.00 € per additional person

+ 29,00 € per person exams fee

Theme course

Thematic course "Compakt"*

  • 60 minutes
  • Themematic lessons
  • 20,00 € per person

  *Minimum number of participants: 3 persons

Courses for advanced learners

Two Day School / Two Day Course

Price for the 1st person: 399.00 € for a Senior Pro incl. 2 x lunch
Price for the 2nd person: 550.00 € with a Head Pro incl. 2 x lunch
Price for the 2nd person: 130.00 € incl. 2 x lunch                                                                                                            

We don't just offer technique training, we help you improve your overall golf game! On the first day, you will be analysed on the course and videotaped to identify the weaknesses in your game and their causes. Afterwards, a training plan is created that is individually tailored to you. You will be taught full and short game technique the following day. All prices quoted are for one person and include two hours training, lunch and a daily green fee. We are at your disposal for your tailor-made offer.

This course can also be booked as a 1-day course with 2 lessons, lunch and green fee:

Price for the 1st person: 269,00 € with a Senior Pro

Price for the 1st person: 399,00 € with a Head Pro

Price for the 2nd person: 75,00 €

Individual offers for golfers

Private lessons

With V1 computer swing analysis and the world famous Leadbetter practice aids and drills, including all fees and range balls.

With Paul Dyer                                  120,00 € (for members 80,00 €)

With Jessica Schönfelder                 70,00 € (for members 60,00 €)

With Stefan Eickmeyer                      70,00 € (for members 60,00 €)

With Daniel Schlesiger                       65,00 € (for members 55,00 €)

With C-Trainer                                     60,00 € (for members 50,00 €)

Play with the Pro (for PE4FREE)

Play a round  with the Pro

Golf is not played on the range, but on the course and there is a lot to learn there.

Our young pros have to work on their own game as part of their training and development. Play along and learn to play like pros. The tactical decisions, the mental game, rules and much more!

  • Valuable quick tips
  • Correct choice of golf club
  • Questions about ball position
  • Game tactics
  • Mental factors
  • Rules and game situation

9 holes at set times (notice on notice board or in Pro Shop) on North or South Course.

Limited to 2 hours time. Please only with pre-registration!

60.00€* per hours

*(Course not freely bookable – only available at certain times and only with advance booking in the Pro Shop)

Athletiktraining with Dirk Lange

introductory lesson               95,00 €

every additional hour                60,00 €

Children & Youths

Trainings times

Regular training takes place for children and young people during the golf season (March to October):

  • Fridays: 14.00 & 15.00 Uhr 

Super Bambini (4 to 7 years)

  • Thursday & Fridays: 15.00 Uhr 

Bambinitraining (to 12 Jahre)

  • Freitags: from 17.00 Uhr 

Jugend (from 14 Jahre)

Attention: from 11.04.-15.04.2022 our Easter Camp for guest children will take place again! The registrations take place via our golf school.

 There is a winter training programme from November to February.

Participation in the training costs a one-time fee of 99.00 € per child/youth for winter and summer training.

Jessica Schönfelder

Daniel Schlesiger


Support our youth golf players in Timmendorfer Strand. Do you have a company or do you simply want to support the youth, then why not sponsor a youth tournament at the golf club in Timmendorfer Strand. If you are interested, please send an email to info@leadbetter.de .

The children would love it!



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