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Getting involved (and playing) with the newcomers

After your first step into an active golfing life has been taken with the successful completion of the course licence examination, the Timmendorfer Strand Golf Club, in cooperation with the Timmendorfer Strand Golf Course, offers you as a beginner the opportunity to play in the group of newcomers.

We, Susanne Graap and Michael Jeggle as organisers, supported by a large number of experienced players (companions), would like to accompany you as new club members in your start into golf and club life.

While playing casually on Südplatz in a community of many beginners, we would like to teach you the following:

-      Rules & etiquette

-      Brisk play

-      Practical application of the Rules of Golf

-      Special features on the course and the course rules

-      Tournament experience

-      Forms of play and tournaments

For this purpose, you will play regularly with the companions and us in joint flights, depending on the registration / allocation.

Please improve your golf technique with the help of the pros at the golf school. We, therefore, advise you to continue taking lessons at the golf school, alone or in groups. We are happy to help with the start of these lessons; afterwards, you have to organise this yourself according to the options available to you.

The basis of playing on the course is not only golf technique but also knowledge of the rules. These are available on the internet as well as in printed form. We focus on consistent compliance with them, and the practical application of these rules.

We play every Wednesday from mid-March to mid-October between 15:30 and 17:50.

In order to register, please sign up on the registration list posted in the clubhouse (right).

The list will be posted for each Wednesday before until 18:00 on the Monday before.

Reception is also happy to help you on 04503 70440222.

There you will also find the current programme.

If you have any queries, you can contact the organisers by phone on 0151 56 87 28 12 or 0162 2551354 or email s.graap@web.de or m-jeggle@kabelmail.de.

We look forward to enjoying some great games together.

Susanne and Michael

Susanne Graap & Michael Jeggle 

      Newcomer representatives

Janina Kocka

Golf Club

Golfanlage  Timmendorfer Strand GmbH & Co. KG

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